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Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Science Pub at Grady's Grill Tuesday March 29

The inaugural H-F Science Pub will be held at Grady's Grill
in Homewood.

The Talk will be given by Dr. Peter Doran (that's me) on some of my work in Antarctica and astrobiology. The title will be

Human and Robotic science in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of East Antarctica

We will start the talk at 8 pm, but you are welcome to come and mingle ahead of time. That's the idea!

The second lecture will be at the Flossmoor Station Brewery about a month later and we will post info on who is speaking, topic and time. To get this info emailed - sign up for the email list to the right there. 

Starting the HF Science Pub

This was inspired by a USA Today article about this fad sweeping the nation

So I decided our community needed this

Schedule and topics and email sign up will be posted here

-Peter Doran